Controversial Bills from the House

Last week I mentioned four highly controversial bills that were generated in the Delaware House of Representatives. 


I need to add another bill to that list. This bill seeks to impose regulations on what I call pregnancy care centers, but what the bill labels crisis pregnancy centers.


[My question is this: Why do others, such as the author of this bill, insist on labeling pregnancies as rising to the level of being a crisis?] 


Anyway, here is the summary:

This Act requires crisis pregnancy centers in this state to provide notice if the center is not licensed by this state as a medical facility and does not have a licensed medical provider who provides or directly supervises the provision of services. This Act also requires the Department of Justice to bring an action to impose a civil penalty for a violation of this Act. The civil penalty for the first violation is $500, and $2,500 for each subsequent violation.


I have watched the past few years as standards have been relaxed for those performing abortions.

For example abortionists may no longer be charged with manslaughter should a woman die when obtaining an abortion. 


And a common sense bill that would require an abortionist to offer the opportunity for a woman to view her developing baby via an ultrasound was not allowed out of committed in either the House or the Senate.


The Ultrasound Act would not interfere with a woman’s right to make a decision, but simply help them make an informed decision.


Pregnancy Care Centers I believe are mostly staffed by volunteers. They give their own time and money to help women understand the complexities of going through a pregnancy and in many cases provide material help during the pregnancy and later to help with the care of the newborn child.


As far as I know abortionists are not volunteers, but paid professionals who profit from the procedures that end the lives of the unborn.


It may be said that the pregnancy care centers take ‘business’ away from the abortion clinics. 


Those on the side of abortions at any time for any reason do not want anyone interfering with their trade.


Following are brief summaries of the other four bills that deserve our attention: 


HB 110 - This bill requires all health benefit plans delivered or issued for Medicaid to cover services related to the termination of pregnancy. (Released from committee. Going to the House floor.)


HB 346 - This Act clarifies that medical professionals who provide gender-affirming health care cannot be disciplined for such services even if such services are illegal or considered to be unprofessional conduct or the unauthorized practice of medicine in another state. (Released from committee. Going to the House floor.)


HB 140 - This Act permits a terminally ill individual who is an adult resident of Delaware to request and self-administer medication to end their life. (Passed in the House with a vote of 21 to 16 with four absent. Assigned to Executive Committee in Senate.)


HB 350 - This Act creates the Diamond State Hospital Cost Review Board, which will be responsible for an annual review of hospital budgets and related financial information. (Passed in the House with a vote of 21 to 16 with four absent. Assigned to Executive Committee in Senate.)


I encourage those interested in commenting on these bills to keep an eye on the committee hearing schedule found at


My hope is that members of the public will put more pressure on legislators to bring back a measure of balance when it comes to discussing the merits of potential laws. 


Write to me if you want to get involved in the process and I will send you some instructions. 


If I don’t hear from anyone, I will conclude that everyone is okay with each of these bills passing and becoming law.


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