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Priorities for 151 General Assembly

May 24, 2022

These are some of my top priorities for the remainder of the 151st General Assembly.


     • Fairness in Women’s Sports (SB 227 locked in committee)


     • Comparative Politics (SB 206 locked in committee)


     • Women’s Ultrasound Right to Know Act (SB 108 locked in committee)


     • Citizenship Test (SB 232 locked in committee)


     • Education Right to Know Act/Parental Rights (in process) 


     • Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (SB235/June 7 hearing)


     • Amendment to lower voting age to 18 (ready for release)


     • HumanTrafficking signs posted in businesses (delayed)


     • Perjury Act (ready for release)


     • Save Adolescents From Experimentation Act (SAFE Act)


     • Emergency Authority Act  (Limiting Governor’s power)


My Resolutions

     • American Energy Independence Resolution (Democrats voted down)


     • Sanctity of Life Resolution (Democrats voted down) 


     • SCR 91 Recognizing Christian Holy Week and Passover (passed)


     • SCR 85 Recognizing April as Child Abuse Prevention Month (passed)



     • Task force to study waste solutions

     • Cameras in the classroom

     • Curriculum Review Panels

     • Drug Prevention Curriculum

     • Election Integrity Act

     • Born Alive Child Protection Act


Major co-sponsored legislation

     • Hope Scholarships where money follows the student

     • Big tech and social media anti-censorship act 


My commitment to the people is to uphold the Constitutions of Delaware and the United States, honor God, protect life and preserve liberty. 


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