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September 28, 2023

Priorities for Senator Richardson   152nd General Assembly priorities   Fairness in Women’s Sports (written) Women’s Right to Know Ultrasound Act (revised) Emergency Powers Act (written) Pain Capable Unborn Child Pro more...
When will national debt become a crisis?
September 4, 2023

 I wrote this column on Tuesday, August 15. At noon on Tuesday the national debt was $32,703,168,000,000. Note: The last six digits on the Debt Clock were not a series of zeros. The numbers were spinning so fast, it was impossible to capture a more...
Court rules against election law changes
October 12, 2022

 The Delaware Supreme Court ruled that Vote by Mail and Same Day Voter Registration are unconstitutional. The ruling on Vote by Mail (Senate Bill 320) upheld the Court of Chancery declaration that SB 320 was unconstitutional. The ruling on Sam more...