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Moving Delaware forward

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We cannot be satisfied with the status quo. We need to make changes now that will produce results for a better future for all Delawareans.

Right to Work

I will continue to push for legislation to make Delaware a "Right to Work" state. Good jobs are fleeing Delaware and we are rarely even considered for new major manufacturing or assembly facilities. Every new or expanded U.S. auto assembly plant has gone to RTW states. We need a Republican majority that will allow our state to join the 28 other RTW states.

Fewer taxes

I will NOT vote for the pending "water tax" that charges property owners with a new fee based on the area of land they own that is not permeable, (the Maryland model), or a surcharge added to the current assessed value property tax

I will NOT vote for an increase in the gasoline motor fuel tax. I do not approve of the mileage-based tax plan that Delaware is studying.

Energy Policy

Delaware's current renewable energy policy is costing Delaware's residents and businesses hundreds of millions of dollars per year to purchase electrical power from non-competitive sources, such as wind, solar and solid oxide fuel cells; and to participate in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), a regional" cap and trade" program. Continuing the current energy policy will further increase electrical power costs causing the loss of more jobs. I will support all legislation that will make Delaware more competitive with other states.


I want to see most of our education dollars spent in the classroom with extra effort placed on helping students learn to read at a very early age.

So sad to see young people not given the one tool they need to increase their chances for success: the ability to read. That one ability opens up the world of knowledge and understanding and leads to a more rewarding life.

When this is the focus, our state benefits from new business ventures, more rewarding career opportunities for our graduates, safer communities, and reduced prison costs.
Finally, talented teachers should be given incentives to remain in the classrooms where their skills inspire student success.

Education vision

My vision for the future of education is as follows:
Delaware will lead the nation in improvements in education. Standardized testing will end and the money that once went to fund the testing will instead be earmarked for classrooms. Results will be measured by how many graduates find purpose in life and meaningful employment.