Senator Bryant Richardson

I want to thank the voters of the 21st Senatorial District for giving me the opportunity to continue to serve as your senator.


I promise to continue the fight for:

  • Smaller, more responsible government
  • Preservation of our God-given rights as detailed in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution
  • Respect and protection for the life of the unborn
  • Tax laws that unite families
  • Educational choices that pave the way for advanced career opportunities
  • An improved regulatory environment that encourages business startups and expansion
  • Work incentives, not welfare incentives
  • Support for our military and our first responders (active and retired) 

     My commitment to the people of Delaware is to honor God, protect life and preserve liberty.

     I am available day or night by calling my cell phone, 302-245-0109.















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Combatting the drug epidemic
Saying there is a drug epidemic in Delaware is not an exaggeration. Calling it a crisis is not sensationalism. Anyone who doubts this should speak to any one of the hundreds of people in our state who have lost loved ones to overdose deaths. How widespread is the problem? Does it just involve fentanyl, the deadliest of the drugs? Certainly the p...