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Education Forum will be followed up with survey

August 3, 2022

On Thursday, July 28, I held an Education Forum at Legislative Hall in Dover. I came away with a better understanding of what is taking place in our classrooms. I am very appreciative of the teachers, school board members and others who participated.

In the coming weeks I will be following up with details of what was discussed and will be seeking input on various other topics regarding education. 

Before the next Forum, I would like to conduct a survey on education throughout the state. 

Anyone with suggestions on potential questions may send them to me at


Topics discussed at last Thursday’s Forum included parental involvement, comparative politics, securing our schools, teacher workload and emergency preparation.

At this first Forum we did not have enough time to go into detail about topics such as citizenship testing, drug prevention curriculum, cameras in the classroom and curriculum review panels.

Some of those topics will be discussed in a future Forum or become part of a survey.


The Forum was an opportunity to share concerns. Here is a sampling of some of the immediate feedback I received.


Thank you for the opportunity to be heard on the needs of teachers, students, and parents in the classroom at today's education forum. 

I'd like to follow up on a brief conversation we had at the end of the education meeting this morning. 

One of the concerns I have related to school safety is that teachers must have access to medical trauma kits in the classrooms. 

We have bandaids, emergency drinking water, granola bars, emergency lights, and even a bucket to take care of bathroom needs…

but we aren't allowed so much as a tourniquet—let alone several — or chest seals, Israeli compression bandages, and the like, to stock a medical trauma kit so that school staff can tend to the wounded prior to the arrival of emergency personnel following a shooting incident. 

Only one person in the school is allowed to administer such care: the school nurse. 

She may be incapacitated by the shooter, sheltering in place for her own safety, or too busy providing triage care to be able to tend to the needs of all students. 

It is imperative that we plan to keep children alive who may be caught in the crosshairs of a school shooter. 

I don't know if this is a legislative issue or an administrative concern, but my understanding is that non-medical personnel are prohibited from providing such life-giving care.

Thank you for prioritizing the needs of children and families in the classroom while listening to teachers' concerns as well.

Deborah Remer


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Thanks so much for planning and holding the Education Forum. 

It was encouraging to be in a group of people who clearly see the problems in our education system and want to truly make it better for the students. 

I would love to continue this conversation next time you decide to gather people to discuss education issues. 

I am also excited about contacting the teachers in the group to participate in the research that I mentioned about the amount of documentation that teachers are required to do. 

Common Good is working with the Caesar Rodney Institute to collect this data in the hopes of decreasing the amount of busy work that teachers have to do, not just in Delaware, but across the country.

I hope to continue to stay in contact with both of you to carry on this discussion about education. Legislation to place emergency medical kits in the classroom sounds like a great idea.

Thank you for the attachments. I just requested the "Breaking Down the Constitution" book and look forward to reading it.

Thanks for everything you are doing to help improve our state and specifically education in our state as well as for your support of Convention of States.

Dr. Tanya Hettler, director of the Center for Education Excellence, Caesar Rodney Institute


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One of the questions that came up during the Education Forum is, ‘Should teachers be allowed to carry into the classroom?’ I will write about this next week. The answer may surprise you.

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